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Dali Landscape Hotel, it opened on September 29, 2002. It is a holiday hotel integrating accommodation, catering, meeting, health care, entertainment and RV tourism. The hotel is located in the core of the world-famous ancient city of Dali, a short walk away from the foreigner street and close to the Three Pagodas of Cangshan, Erhai and Chongsheng temple. Its architectural style is dignified and elegant, highlighting the essence of Bai architectural culture. The hotel consists of 6 courtyards with 283 rooms. In order to reflect and inherit the architectural art of the Bai nationality, the Bai nationality residence style hotel, built by the ancient Bai architecture craftsmen from all over Dali, is equipped with modern facilities, Bai nationality characteristic decoration, and traditional Bai nationality courtyard garden, creating a warm sense of life, so that the guests can enjoy modern comfort, tranquility and peace at the same time, We can also feel the architectural culture of the hotel itself. The hotel has a multi-functional conference hall and two business meeting rooms of different specifications, with different styles of Chinese and Western restaurants, RV travel and other services, bringing guests extraordinary fresh experience.

Breakfast price: CNY40($5.9) / person
Breakfast type: Chinese